DIS Sensors’ SIL1/PLc QG40N series has recently been expanded to include acceleration switch functionality. These models can switch at a predefined g-force level between 0.1 and 8g (PEAK & RMS modes available).

The DIS Sensors standard models are:

  • QG40N-KAXYh-8,0-ASP-CM-UL-1c (2-axis model)
  • QG40N-KAXYZO-8,0-ASP-CM-UL-1c (3-axis omnidirectional model, compensated for gravity)

These devices sense the actual acceleration and calculate the PEAK or RMS value over a defined measuring interval:

  • PEAK mode (default)
  • Fixed 40ms RMS mode
  • Factory programmable between 40ms and 10s (n*40ms, n=”integer)

Acceleration switch functions are not supported by the QG40N configurator, thus only factory programming is available. These sensors can be used for material handling where a large load could cause sudden acceleration.

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