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Accurate Measurement of Angular Position and Rotary Speed with DIS Sensors Encoders

By November 7, 2022No Comments

3 Encoders from DIS SensorsLaser-View Technologies offers several DIS Sensors’ rotary encoders that enable contact-free measurement of an angular displacement from 0° to 360° without a mechanical stop.

Two types of housing are available:

  1. QR30 housing – the sensor and magnet are mounted separately from each other
  2. QR40 housing – the magnet is integrated into the rotating shaft in the housing.

They can be used to measure angular position in place of resolvers or potentiometers. They can also be used on projects that need to monitor rotary speed and direction.

When compared to the competition, DIS Sensors encoders offer many benefits:

  1. IP67 ratings
  2. CE and UL ratings
  3. They’re competitively priced
  4. Small footprint with full potting
  5. Each sensor can be used either indoors or outdoors
  6. Variety of outputs (For example analog or incremental)
  7. They can withstand extreme temperature ranges (from -40 to +85°C)

If your team has a need for simple, economical, and non-contact rotary sensing in an OEM application, look no further. Contact Laser-View Technologies today to learn more about DIS Sensors encoders.