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Accurate Measurement of Silo, Bin, and Tank Contents Using Dimetix Laser Sensors

By November 7, 2022November 8th, 2022No Comments

The 1-day shipping standard has put pressure on companies to process items more quickly and efficiently than ever before. This is especially the case for industries that rely on bulk materials. For example:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Plastic molding
  • Food processing

Many of these industries process materials by holding them in bins, tanks, or silos. In order to plan, ship, and process each product properly, these containers need to be monitored. To do this, companies need tools that can provide accurate, reliable, and repeatable level measurements.

Laser-View Technologies has helped clients automate these processes by using Dimetix laser sensors. They are some of the most accurate, reliable, and durable sensors on the market and can be configured in various ways depending on your needs.

Compared to other common measurement methods, Dimetix lasers offer several advantages:

  1. Non-contact – Dimetix laser distance sensors measure accurately up to 100 m to a natural target without making contact with the materials being measured
  2. AccessoriesLaser-View Technologies offers various accessories for Dimetix laser sensors. For example, lasers can be preassembled in an enclosure to protect the laser from harsh conditions and extreme elements. Optionally, the enclosures can be fixed with an air purge and a protective enclosure to help address maintenance issues and account for dust, airborne particles, and other environmental factors.
  3. Averaging and filtering functions – these features can help to account for conformations and deformations in the bulk material surface
  4. Networkable – Dimetix lasers offer the option of monitoring all structures in a given cluster. This allows end-users to easily monitor an entire network of silos

If you’re interested in using Dimetix laser sensors to easily monitor levels of various materials, contact Laser-View Technologies today to learn more.