AISTech 2021

Laser-View Technologies is attending AISTech 2021!

AISTech 2021 – June 29 – July 1

Meet us at booth #2503!

Laser-View Technologies will be hosting an exhibit and president Steve Lubeck will be presenting at three committee sessions.

The three abstract presentation topics are:

1. Side Pull Detection Techniques for Wire Rope Hoists – Cranes Technology Committee’s Sessions

Tuesday, June 29
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
Room 106 B

A wire rope hoist on an overhead crane operated under a side-pulled condition presents a safety risk, can produce accelerated wear and can damage a hoist that is not designed for such use. Damage to a hoist can be costly, reduce productivity with unnecessary downtime and can result in unsafe conditions. Improper use of a hoist due to side pulling poses a significant hazard to operators as a load is lifted. This presentation compares strengths and weaknesses of available overhead monitoring systems, their general methods of operation, and capabilities.

2. Restricted No-Fly Zone Management for Overhead Cranes – Cranes Technology Committee’s Sessions

Tuesday, June 29th
3:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Room 106 B

In a steel production environment, overhead crane operators are forced to avoid obstacles, such as equipment and structures, while transporting loads through production. While careful and diligent operation of an overhead crane can avoid accidental collisions, it is common for an operator to be distracted in a busy and noisy mill environment. Such collisions can present safety risks, and result in costly damage, often leading to downtime. This presentation compares strengths and weaknesses of common techniques available for restricted zone overhead crane monitoring systems, their general methods of operation, and capabilities.

3. Non-Contact Sensors in Caster Operations – Continuous Casting Technology Committee’s Sessions

Tuesday, June 29th
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Room 208 A

Engineers involved with caster lines continue to increase their use of non-contact sensors for real-time monitoring of conditions of the cast strand. Live monitoring permits processes both upstream and downstream to be adjusted to optimize production, assure quality, optimize yield and reduce scrap. Laser-based sensors are capable of providing dimensional size and profile feedback. Several types of laser sensors can measure displacement, position and proximity. The harsh environmental conditions plays a role in determining the right sensor for the job. This presentation examines the advantages of non-contact laser-based sensors, along with suggestions for successful implementation at the caster.

What is AISTech?

AISTech is the annual Streel Premier Technology event, featuring technical papers, keynote speakers, and proceedings. More than 8,000 individuals and over 500 exhibiting companies and key leaders in the production and process of iron and steel are expected to attend.

This event is a great opportunity to meet with industry leaders and learn more about steel production in the current global market. Attend to network, stop by the Laser-View exhibit, watch presentations, and much more!

Past Attendance At AISTech

Laser-View consistently attended AISTech events since 2016.

At AISTech 2019 in Pittsburgh, Steven Lubeck spoke about Non-Contact Sensor Alternatives to Conventional Sensing. This discussion was centered around how non-contact laser distance sensors, inclination sensors, and non-contact Hall effect encoders can solve challenges not addressed by other technologies. Read more about Laser-View at AISTech 2019 here.

Event Updates To Come!

Check-in on this page and follow our LinkedIn for updates on presentation times and locations, booth previews, and general event updates.