AISTech 2021

Laser-View Technologies is attending AISTech 2021!

AISTech 2021 – June 29 – July 1

Laser-View Technologies will be hosting an exhibit and president Steve Lubeck will be presenting at three committee sessions.

The three abstract presentation topics are:

1. Cranes Technology Committee’s Sessions – “Side pull detection techniques for wire rope hoists”

Crane Technology Committee Mission – To develop specifications for safe and dependable cranes that can be properly designed, installed and maintained; and to promote new technologies and communicate more efficient operational and maintenance practices through networking for the continuous improvement of heavy industrial overhead cranes.

2. Safety & Health/Material Handling/Transportation & Logistics Technology Committee’s sessions – “Restricted No fly zone management for overhead cranes”

Safety & Health Committee Mission: To serve and support all AIST Technology Committees by providing and disseminating information on health and safety technologies through educational programs, assisting in the understanding of applicable regulations, and providing a forum for the exchange of safety-related topics and industry best practices.

Material Handling and Transportation Logistics Committee Mission: To serve and support the iron and steel industry by providing forums for technical information exchange, personal development and networking through technically focused committee meetings, participation in the annual AISTech conference, and joint committee ventures that promote safe and cost-effective methods for material handling.

3. Continuous Casting Technology Committee’s sessions – “Non-contact sensors in caster operations”

Continuous Casting Technology Committee Mission: To provide a forum on continuous casting to learn about new and current technologies, discuss safe operational and maintenance practices, as well as network with industry professionals of all disciplines.

What is AISTech?

AISTech is the annual Streel Premier Technology event, featuring technical papers, keynote speakers, and proceedings. More than 8,000 individuals and over 500 exhibiting companies and key leaders in the production and process of iron and steel are expected to attend.

This event is a great opportunity to meet with industry leaders and learn more about steel production in the current global market. Attend to network, stop by the Laser-View exhibit, watch presentations, and much more!

Past Attendance At AISTech

Laser-View consistentatly attended AISTech events since 2016.

At AISTech 2019 in Pittsburgh, Steven Lubeck spoke about Non-Contact Sensor ALternatives to Conversional Sensing. This discussion was centered around how non-contact last distance sensors, inclination sensors, and non-contact Hall effect encoders can solve challenges not addressed by other technologies. Laser-View also hosted a booth at the trade show, reviewing the specs and capabilities of our industry solutions.  Read more about Laser-View at AISTech 2019 here.

Event Updates To Come!

Check-in on this page and follow our LinkedIn for updates on presentation times and locations, booth previews, and general event updates.