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Announcing Measuring Rate Improvement for Select Dimetix D-Series Laser Sensors

By March 27, 2023March 28th, 2023No Comments

The following Dimetix D-Series laser sensors now have a max measuring rate of 100Hz (previously 50Hz):

  • DEN-10-500 (Part # 500637)
  • DEH-30-500 (Part # 500638)
  • DAN-10-150 (Part # 500632)
  • DAN-30-150 (Part # 500634)
  • DAE-10-050 (Part # 500633)

These lasers are ideal for use on cranes and in logistics centers, particularly when paired with our reflective foil or plate accessories. Although there may not be a notable difference in applications involving the DAN and DAE sensors, using an optimal measuring surface can enhance measurement speed and accuracy.

Interested in learning more about this update or Dimetix D-Series laser sensors? Contact Laser-View Technologies today for additional information.