We recently decided to expand our reach by offering our Crane Sentry® systems in Mexico. To facilitate this expansion, we partnered with Artoc Industrial Team!

We met up in person with them last month to discuss the details of this expansion. Together, we developed a strategy for creating a wide network of representatives and distributors all throughout Mexico. We couldn’t have done it with our partner Arturo Toca at Artoc, so we’d like to extend a special thanks for arranging this dinner and helping us work through this expansion.

It was a pleasure to have met everyone and spent time collaborating on this new expansion. Artoc will continue being a key partner in our efforts to expand Crane Sentry® into Mexico. Our ultimate goal is that this project will help us improve overhead crane and hoist safety all throughout the North American region.

Interested in learning more about this expansion? Contact Laser-View Technologies to discuss today.