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Stainless Steel Industrial Enclosures

Title: Stainless Steel Industrial Enclosures Protect Laser Sensors in Extreme Outdoor Environments

Description: The enclosures are designed specifically for Dimetix long-distance laser sensors to provide accurate non-contact measurement in various environments. The enclosures serve well on mining equipment, steel caster lines, paper mills, and any other area where sensors are needed to last under harsh conditions.

Automated Plating Position

Title: Dimetix Laser Sensors for Use in Automated Plating Line

Description: Explore how Dimetix laser sensors were used to measure the basket handling trolley position as a solution in an automated plating line.

Automation of Construction

Title: Rugged Robotics Showcases Layout-printing Construction Robots Fitted With Dimetix Laser Sensors

Description: Laser-View Technologies Dimetix lasers were used in a layout-printing construction robotics job. Learn more about this project.

Automation in Agriculture

Title: How DIS Sensors Dynamic Inclinometers Enhance Threshing Machines Performance and Safety

Description: Learn how DIS Sensors dynamic inclinometers improve threshing machine performance and safety on uneven terrain.