Stainless Steel Industrial Enclosures

Title: Stainless Steel Industrial Enclosures Protect Laser Sensors in Extreme Outdoor Environments

Description: The enclosures are designed specifically for Dimetix long-distance laser sensors to provide accurate non-contact measurement in various environments. The enclosures serve well on mining equipment, steel caster lines, paper mills, and any other area where sensors are needed to last under harsh conditions.

Dimetix laser distance sensors, manufactured by Dimetix AG, are rugged, accurate, cost effective, and easily integrated into most customers’ control systems. Use our lasers to monitor position, size, and level. Dimetix laser sensors interface with Allen Bradley and Siemens PLC systems, just to name a couple of manufacturers.

DIS-Sensors provides rugged sensors to address position, slope, and level, and rotary position. DIS sensors can be a compact and economical alternative to conventional encoders on machine arms and dial indexers.