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Automotive & Transportation

Advanced Monitoring of Automotive Vehicle Lifts

Title: Monitoring Position of Automotive Vehicle Lifts Around Potentially Flammable Vapors

Description: DIS Sensors tilt switches can be used to monitor the position of automotive vehicle lifts. They are ideal in applications that involve flammable vapors because of their ability to withstand harsh environments.

Automotive Die-Stamping Market

Title: The Automotive Die-Stamping Market Is Projected To Grow By $125 Million By 2026

Description: Explore why the automotive die-stamping equipment market is projected to grow over the next few years.

Measuring and Monitoring Railway Tunnels

Title: Dimetix Lasers Used To Measure and Monitor Railway Tunnel

Description:Dimetix D-series lasers were used to detect potentially hazardous deformation of the tunnel structure for a railway station.