The new Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill was recently signed into law. In particular, the bill includes $110 billion for infrastructure projects. This money will be used to rebuild things like deteriorated roads, highways, bridges, and overpasses.

As with all infrastructure construction, these new projects will need to undergo structural testing. Tests like these are used to determine acceptable load limits and general structural worthiness. Whether the focus is on repairing existing infrastructure or building new, it’s essential that each piece is secure for the safety and reliability of its patrons.

Over the years, Laser-View Technologies has partnered with engineering firms and DOTs to perform these types of structural monitoring applications. From bridges to buildings, we have a wide range of projects we’ve worked on.

Traditionally, this type of analysis requires combinations of non-contact and contact measurement techniques. This can require a significant amount of preparation and it can become increasingly difficult when testing bridges in a more confined, less accessible location. For example, bridges on a rail line can be difficult to access.

With the use of Dimetix laser distance sensors and interface modules produced by Laser-View Technologies, we’ve been able to acquire deflection accurately without contact. This method provides many benefits to users:

  • Quick set-up
  • Quick tear down
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Consistent, resolute readings without drift
  • Minimal room needed in tight access areas
  • No need for bulky equipment, like scaffolding
  • Connect to the most popular data recording equipment
  • Measure from the ground without any controls mounted on the structural beams

With many previous success stories as examples, Laser-View Technologies has proven the effectiveness of Dimetix laser sensors for structural health monitoring of long term and permanent installations. Coupled with controls from Laser-View Technologies, the use of Dimetix lasers simplifies and improves the structural testing process.

With many new Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill projects on the horizon, it’s important that we’re able to offer reliable, non-contact structural testing methods for measuring such projects.

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