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Crane Sentry

Hoist Side Pull, Slack Detection, and Load Limiting Can Now Be Achieved in One Crane Sentry® System

By Crane Sentry

Laser-View Technologies now offers a comprehensive solution for hoist monitoring. All 3 features below can be achieved using a single Crane Sentry® system:

  1. Hoist side pull detection
  2. Slack detection
  3. Load limiting

Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® equips the hoist with our rope mounted side pull sensor and a clamp on load cell for the slack and load limiting. Customers with load pins built into their hoist can also take advantage of this system.

The load limiting enhances sensing methods that may already be built into a hoist or add the ability to load de-rate a hoist by entering the max load under normal operating conditions. The benefit of slack detection is that you have less chance to tangle the wire rope over the drum.

Interested in using Crane Sentry® Hoist Side Pull on your current project? Contact us today at [email protected] or 610-497-8910.