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A row of silos
Accurate Measurement of Silo, Bin, and Tank Contents Using Dimetix Laser Sensors
November 7, 2022

Dimetix laser distance sensors can be used to easily measure the contents inside silos, bins, and tanks. Learn more in this blog.

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paper roll inside a paper mill
4 Reasons to Choose Dimetix D-Series Lasers For Paper Roll Diameter and Width Monitoring Applications
October 10, 2022

Dimetix D-series laser distance sensors offer several advantages when measuring diameter and width. Learn about them in this blog!

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Simple Saw Cut-off System Uses Dimetix Non-Contact Laser Distance Sensor
September 27, 2022

Cut-off saws in metals service centers can use Dimetix laser sensors to measure each customer’s order to length. Learn more in this blog!

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Crane Sentry® High Bay/Low Bay
Crane Sentry® High Bay/Low Bay System Measures 1000 Ft of Runway With Ease
September 9, 2022

Our new Crane Sentry® High Bay/Low Bay system can measure 1000 ft of any runway with ease. Learn more in this blog!

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Stainless Steel NEMA 4X Windowed Enclosure
Laser-View Technologies Supplies Dimetix Laser Sensor For Nuclear Power Plant Project
August 11, 2022

We recently supplied a Dimetix laser sensor for a nuclear power plant level monitoring project. Learn more about this project!

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3D Machine Vision on Automated Cranes
Chris McCully From DeShazo Presents on Nucor’s Automated Coil Yard Crane
June 29, 2022

Chris McCully from DeShazo Automation presented on an automated cranes project we worked on with him. Learn more about this project.

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Introducing 3 Target Accessories for Dimetix Lasers from Laser-View Technologies
June 23, 2022

We’re excited to announce the addition of 3 new accessories! Find out how they can help with your next non-contact measurement project.

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Oil Production Customer Requests Explosion Proof Laser With Modbus Interface
June 7, 2022

We recently received a request from a client to help them solve a challenge they were facing. Check out how we helped them resolve it!

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Non-Contact Laser Sensors in Slab Handling Presentation by Steven Lubeck at AISTech 2022
May 18, 2022

Steven Lubeck presented on Non-Contact Laser Sensors in Slab Handling at AISTech 2022. Learn more about this presentation.

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Top 3 Dimetix D-Series Laser Enclosures (Enclosure #3: Air Cooled Jacket)
March 15, 2022

Laser-View Technologies’ Air Cooled Jackets offer various benefits for protecting Dimetix D-Series Lasers. Read about them in our new blog!

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