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Say Goodbye to Proximity Sensors and Hello to Tilt Switches!
September 6, 2023

DIS Sensors’ QG65 tilt switches offer many benefits when compared to proximity sensors. Learn more in this blog!

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5 Reasons to Select DIS Sensors in Heavy Mobile Equipment Applications
5 Reasons to Select DIS Sensors in Heavy Mobile Equipment Applications
July 25, 2023

We’re covering the top 5 reasons DIS Sensors’ products excel in heavy mobile equipment applications. Check them out now to learn more!

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How DIS Sensors Dynamic Inclinometers Enhance Threshing Machines Performance and Safety
July 12, 2023

Learn how DIS Sensors dynamic inclinometers improve threshing machines performance and safety on uneven terrain.

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Considerations When Selecting DIS Sensors’ QR Series Rotary Encoders
April 12, 2023

There are a few essential considerations to make when selecting a DIS Sensor rotary encoder. Learn more about each in this blog!

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Explosion Proof DIS Sensor Enclosure
Introducing Explosion Proof Enclosure for DIS Sensors
March 8, 2023

Introducing the new Explosion Proof DIS Sensor Enclosure for QG40N body styles. Learn more about this accessory in this blog!

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Building a Safer Future: How DIS Sensors’ Tilt Switches are Transforming Construction
February 7, 2023

DIS Sensors inclination sensors are having a huge, positive impact on the construction industry. Check out this blog to learn more.

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Monitoring Position of Automotive Vehicle Lifts Around Potentially Flammable Vapors
January 13, 2023

Find out how DIS Sensors tilt switches can be used to monitor the position of automotive vehicle lifts in this blog!

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Diagram of stacked parking system from DIS Sensors
DIS Sensors’ Tilt Switches Improve Stacked Parking Safety and Reliability
November 23, 2022

Find out how DIS Sensors’ QG40N series tilt switches can improve the safety and reliability of stacked parking systems.

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Accurate Measurement of Angular Position and Rotary Speed with DIS Sensors Encoders
November 7, 2022

Laser-View Technologies offers several DIS Sensors’ rotary encoders. Learn more about each of them and their features in this blog.

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Configurator Tool Permits DIS Inclination Sensors and Tilt Switches to Be Set and Customized
October 25, 2022

DIS Sensors configuration tools make it easy to modify their QG40N series of inclination sensors and tilt switches for any project.

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