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NIST Traceable Certifications Are Available for Dimetix Laser Sensors

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Traceable Certifications for Dimetix Laser Sensors are available through Laser-View Technologies. For several years, Laser-View Technologies has offered a certification service to its customers of Dimetix DLS, FLS, and D-Series Laser distance sensors.

This service is unique because it offers the capability to certify a laser sensor, regardless of age, against factory specifications and with a known confidence level. This certification is NIST traceable and comes with a long form certification as evidence.

What are the Benefits of NIST Traceable Standards?

Calibration services provided by the NIST helps to ensure measurement standards throughout the United States. Their website states, “calibration services allow customers to achieve the highest quality in their measurement systems, and to provide assurance in their results, by communicating the NIST measurement results for carefully selected instruments and artifacts.” There is an added measure of quality assurance with NIST traceable calibration.

Customers often use our laser sensors for quality assurance purposes, thus many of these companies require that all gages be certified once a year to fulfill their QA standards. Upon receipt of the laser from the customer, Laser-View provides a cursory inspection. Once the unit has been determined to be in good condition and operating properly, our metrology partner will provide the certification service. This certification process has been developed solely for Laser-View Technologies.

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