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Diagram of stacked parking system from DIS Sensors
DIS Sensors’ Tilt Switches Improve Stacked Parking Safety and Reliability
November 23, 2022

Find out how DIS Sensors’ QG40N series tilt switches can improve the safety and reliability of stacked parking systems.

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Hot Bar in Rolling Mill
Laser-View Technologies Measures Size of Hot Bar in Rolling Mill Using Dimetix Lasers
October 25, 2022

We recently helped a client measure the size of hot bars in their rolling mill using Dimetix lasers. Read about this project in our blog!

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Safety Factor podcast logo
Safety Factor Podcast Features Laser-View Technologies
October 24, 2022

Laser-View Technologies was recently featured in the first episode of the Safety Factor podcast. Check out this recap to learn more!

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Crane Sentry® High Bay/Low Bay
Crane Sentry® High Bay/Low Bay System Measures 1000 Ft of Runway With Ease
September 9, 2022

Our new Crane Sentry® High Bay/Low Bay system can measure 1000 ft of any runway with ease. Learn more in this blog!

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High Bay/Low Bay Crane Collision System
An Update On Our High Bay/Low Bay Crane Sentry® Collision Detection System
August 22, 2022

This High Bay/Low Bay Overhead Crane is helping our client improve their anti-collision safety efforts. Find out more in our blog!

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DIS Sensors Inclinometers
A DIS Sensors Case Study: Inclino Sensors in Aerial Platform for Rail Infrastructure Unaffected by External Influences
June 17, 2022

DIS Sensors recently released a case study outlining the safety features of their dynamic inclinometers. Learn more about them in our blog.

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April 2022 edition of Iron & Steel Technology
Laser-View Technologies Featured in April 2022 Edition of Iron & Steel Technology
March 28, 2022

Laser-View Technologies has written the Safety First article for the April 2022 edition of Iron & Steel Technology. Check it out!

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Laser-View Technologies’ Explosion Proof Enclosures Shield Laser Sensors in Hazardous Environments
December 17, 2021

Safety is a huge concern in industrial environments. Find out how our explosion proof enclosures can keep your Dimetix laser sensors safe.

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Looking for the Perfect Gift for Your Overhead Crane This Year?
December 17, 2021

Find out what make Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Advanced Wire Rope Hoist Monitoring package the perfect gift for crane operators!

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Introducing the New Crane Sentry Dual Trolley No-Fly Zone System
December 1, 2021

Laser-View Technologies is excited to announce their new Dual Trolley No-Fly Zone System! Learn about how it can help improve anti-collision.

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