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Crane Sentry® Chain Hoist Side Pull Detection

Crane Sentry® Chain Hoist Side Pull Detection

The Crane Sentry® Chain Hoist Wireless Side Pull Detection brings our wire rope hoist side pull detection to chain hoists. Chain Hoist Side Pull is capable of detecting excessive side pull on a chain hoist and alerting the operator of the condition or disabling functions.

Reasons For Side Pull Detection

1. Damage to Hoist

Most standard chain hoists are not engineered to handle side pull load

2. Personnel Injury

Injury is possible if the load shifts once it is lifted from its resting place on the floor or a staging fixture

3. Damage to Equipment

Damage to nearby equipment is possible once the load shifts after it is lifted

Why Use Crane Sentry® Chain Hoist Wireless Side Pull Detection?

Usage of hoists for lifting loads in industrial applications has inherent risk, requiring the need for safety precautions. If a load is not lifted directly vertically and is permitted to side load a hoist, damage to the hoist, injury to personnel, and/or damage to nearby equipment can result. This is referred to as “side pulling” a hoist. Detection of potential side pull conditions can be tied into hoist controls to not permit a lift under this condition.

When a large load, such as a stamping die, injection mold, or a container is not lifted with the hoist centered, the risk of injury or damage increases. Side pulling a hoist is not permitted by OSHA regulations under most conditions. Many hoists installed in industry do not have any form of side pull protection installed.

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