3D Machine Vision on Automated CranesLast week at the 28th Annual Crane Symposium, Chris McCully from Deshazo presented on 3D machine vision on automated cranes. His presentation, “Autonomous Warehouse Coil Crane with LIDAR Vision for Rail Unload,” addressed the fully automated coil yard crane he built for Nucor’s Berkeley, SC mill.

This system automatically handles and tracks steel coil stacked double height. One of the challenges of the project was that sensor redundancy was needed as part of the safety precautions for this automated system. Deshazo decided to use a set of three Dimetix DPE-10-500 laser distance sensors for crane bridge position over a 100m range.

Dimetix lasers were chosen for this project based on the successful integration of the laser sensors in past crane projects. Deshazo specifically selected these lasers because of the following characteristics:

  • Long-range
  • Small spot size
  • Simple to integrated Ethernet IP interface
  • High speed
  • Stable output
  • Technical Support is available in the USA from Laser-View Technologies
  • Product stock available in the USA from Laser-View Technologies

Interested in learning more about this project or Dimetix laser sensors? Contact Laser-View Technologies at [email protected] for additional information.