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Crane SentryHoist Side Pull

Safe Solutions for Crane Anti-Sway and Hoist Side Pull Detection

By February 9, 2021No Comments

hoist sway controlLaser-View Technologies, in cooperation with InVekTek, provide a safe solution with optimal control for crane anti-sway and hoist side pull detection. It has been a pleasure recently to be working with InVekTec Co-Founder and CEO, Rob Loomis, on new joint opportunities.

InVekTek provides a unique, sensorless, anti-sway method that combined with Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Hoist Side Pull detection, will keep side loading of hoists under control and prevent the load from swaying during moves.

Both products are designed to be retrofitted to existing cranes as field mods or be supplied with new cranes.

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