Recently at MODEX 2022, Laser-View Technologies hosted a demo of the Crane Sentry® Chain Hoist Side Pull system. This system is capable of detecting excessive side pull on a chain hoist and alerting the operator of the condition or disabling functions.

Side loading can easily result in damaged equipment or property. It can also harm personnel if the load is lifted and begins to swing in the air. By installing a system like Crane Sentry® Chain Hoist Side Pull, operators can prevent the consequences of side pulling.

A few other notable features of this system include:

  • Solid state side pull detection system consisting of a wireless battery operated sensor that mounts to the load block
  • No cabling between sensors and hoist body
  • Slim design that mounts to the load block
  • Control system that mounts to the hoist body
  • Omni-directional (combination of X and Y) model available
  • One button zero feature
  • Set limits, timing, hysteresis
  • Built in error logging (time and date) that displays the last 5 events

Interested in learning more about Crane Sentry® Chain Hoist Side Pull? Contact Laser-View Technologies for additional information.