These Crane Sentry® Advanced Hoist Monitoring Systems have been tested and prepared for shipping to one of the major auto manufacturers. Both of these Crane Sentry® Systems were designed and manufactured by Laser-View Technologies and are being installed by Mazzella Lifting’s Modernizations Group, headed by Kenny Wright.

In addition to providing Hoist Centering, these Laser-View Technologies Crane Sentry® Systems offer operators the ability to detect Load Dependent Side Pull and Snag Detection. There are 3 components that come with this advanced system:

  • Hoist UP
  • Bridge Direction
  • Trolley Direction

When companies put forth the effort to improve their overhead crane safety, they can experience many different types of benefits. First, they are likely to keep their employees safer. Second, they are less likely to damage their overhead crane hardware since safety measures are in place. Thirdly, it allows them to prevent damaging items on the factory floor, such as presses. These are only a few examples of the benefits companies can reap when they invest in improving their overhead crane safety efforts.

To learn more about the Crane Sentry® Advanced Hoist Monitoring Systems or how you can improve your crane safety and reliability, contact Laser-View Technologies for more information.