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Crane SentryHoist Side Pull

Crane Sentry® Hoist Monitoring System Assists Operators in Safely Lifting Stamping Dies

By September 26, 2022No Comments

Crane Sentry® Hoist Monitoring systemLaser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Hoist Monitoring system was recently installed on a stamping line crane along with a load cell. In the image on the right, both the hoist side pull sensor and load cell are shown installed on the wire rope of the hoist.

Crane Sentry® Hoist Monitoring systemOne of the new features of this system is that we provide a visual indicator of which directions are safe to move in based on the side pull sensor (see image on left). The bridge and trolley indicator box under the girder shows GREEN when it’s okay to move and RED when motion has been disabled in a direction. This provides immediate feedback to the crane operator and permits him to center the load prior to lifting.

Interested in learning more about this Crane Sentry® Hoist Monitoring system? Contact Laser-View Technologies for more information.