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Crane Sentry® Hook Height by Laser-View Technologies

By August 31, 2016No Comments

Crane Sentry Hook Height featuring Dimetix laser distance sensors includes a laser remote module and laser monitoring gateway

Does anybody ever really know exactly how high the hook is at any point over its course of travel or how hook height changes under differing loads at different extensions? Maybe at certain reference locations, but the truth is, not really. The thing is, safety adjustments or corrections to ensure level operation under heavy load cannot be made without that information. Meet Crane Sentry® Hook Height by Laser-View Technologies–without it you can’t really know. Our solution includes the right Dimetix laser distance sensor for the intended application, a laser remote module and laser monitoring gateway.

For more information on Crane Sentry Hook Height or any of the other members of the Crane Sentry family of laser distance sensor-based overhead crane position and collision detection monitoring systems, please visit our Website at, call 610-497-8910, or email us at [email protected].