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Crane Sentry® Load Monitor: Innovation in Overhead Crane System Load De-Rating

By July 17, 2018December 20th, 2018No Comments
Typical load monitoring scenario -- all cranes far enough apart and operating within rated capacity

Multi-crane, multi-bay load monitoring

Most modern cranes have built-in load monitoring capabilities to prevent a crane from exceeding its rated capacity or those of the surrounding structure. Crane operators and safety managers sometimes assume, however, their cranes are fitted with load monitoring devices when, in fact, they are not, which makes load monitoring a persistent, if not pervasive, issue.

Without proper load monitoring, potentially dangerous situations may arise jeopardizing not only equipment, supporting structures, and personnel, but also resulting OSHA and ASME regulation violations. Commercially available load monitoring systems available as a retrofit for older cranes and newer crane systems without integrated load monitoring typically have been developed on a case-by-case basis using traditional, contact-based sensors–encoders, limit switches and the like–and painstakingly installed and configured according to the unique circumstances and considerations of a specific project. Along with the mechanical maintenance inherent with contact based load monitoring systems (broken limit switches, encoder wheel slippage, etc.), crane operators and safety managers until now have been forced to reinvent the wheel each time a crane needs to be retrofitted with load monitoring features and capabilities.

Crane Sentry® Load Monitor

Crane Sentry® Load Monitor is an innovative laser distance sensor-based crane position monitoring and control system designed to de-rate an overhead crane system consisting of up to 10 cranes by keeping cranes, in the same bay or in adjacent parallel bays, a safe distance apart to prevent overloading structural columns. When Load Monitor detects an impending overload condition as defined during configuration of the Load Monitor control, hoist lift and movement in the direction of a potential overload will be disabled. Only lowering of the load or movement away from the potential overload are enabled. Load Monitor also features a simple, teachable color touch screen display, and is available with a variety of options to ensure compatibility with almost any industrial working environment. NOTE: Load Monitor is NOT a safety-rated system. Load Monitor should be used to complement, NOT as a substitute for, compliance with industry standard best practices and applicable safety regulations.

Key Points:
  • Monitor up to 10 cranes
    • Crane load
    • Distance between cranes
    • Same bay or adjacent parallel bays
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Intuitive touch screen display
  • Rugged industrial components
  • Class II visible laser
  • Up to 500 meter range

Please call 610-497-8910 or email Laser-View Technologies today for more information, or download the Load Monitor Application Brief.