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Crane Sentry® System Run-off at Laser-View Technologies’ Headquarters

By October 15, 2021October 20th, 2021No Comments

Our mission at Laser-View Technologies is to provide customers with quality, reliable products that can help them resolve various challenges they’re facing. That’s why we were excited to share a recent success story from this week!

Ron Holmes, Sales Rep for Crane Sentry®, spent the last 2 days at Laser-View Technologies’ HQ (located in Chester Springs, PA) for a run-off of a customer’s Crane Sentry® System. Laser-View Technologies’ newly installed test crane is showing its return on investment by being used to validate a customer’s system prior to being shipped to them.

Shown in the picture on the left is Ron (left), Induvations’ President & Steven Lubeck (right), Laser-View Technologies’ President. These moments of success make us proud to be the leading supplier of overhead crane safety and reliability products.

Looking for a solution to your overhead crane safety challenges? Contact Laser-View Technologies to learn more.