The next generation Crane Sentry® Zone Manager II continues to provide a simple, flexible, safe method of keeping EOT cranes from interfering with robotic arms in injection molding facilities. The Zone Manager II is even more capable of protecting and interfacing with up to 8 individual machine no-fly zones.

One of the unique capabilities of this system is the ability to assign an alarm output specific to each no-fly zone. These outputs can be used to disable the robotic arm from raising when the crane is overhead.

New with Crane Sentry® Zone Manager II is the ability to remotely configure the no-fly zones from the floor using a smart device; therefore, eliminating the need to have to maneuver a man-lift between machines on a tightly packed production floor. This design was added to reduce installation downtime and increase production floor safety.

Crane Sentry® Zone Manager II provides everything you need as a single package. Key features include:

  • Simple, intuitive installation and configuration with color touch screen controls
  • Configuration of set points via Teach Button or key in values
  • Remote smartphone configurability available
  • Ability to display continuous, live readings of all lasers and status of all zones
  • Bridge only interference: One axis measurement (bridge only)
  • Hoist interference: Two axis measurement (bridge and trolley)
  • Automatic slow and stop zones for up to 8 zones, each having independent parameters
  • Master and individual zone override functionality
  • Remote I/O available, as an option to interface with machine, work centers
  • Visible red eye, safe laser spot
    • Measuring up to 100 m, using a natural target
    • Measuring up to 500 m, using a reflective target plate

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