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Dimetix DAN-30-150 Laser in Very High Temperature Steel Production Application

By July 1, 2018October 20th, 2021No Comments

long distance laserDimetix laser distance sensors are commonly used in steel hot mills because they afford an accurate, non-contact method of determining the position or dimensions of materials that are too hot to touch. The demanding production processes and harsh environmental conditions are often beyond the capabilities of conventional sensors that rely on contact with the material being measured. Dimetix lasers have a proven track record and are very well suited for steel production processes requiring high accuracy in extreme conditions, including position detection and dimension measurement (width, length, thickness) applications.

Very high temperature (≥1800⁰F) steel production processes, on the other hand, are characterized by challenges that push the limits of any sensor: ambient temperatures often in excess of 300⁰F, very high surface temperatures causing the material being measured to glow and emit light interference, and dirty, dusty conditions near most casting lines. The number and type of challenges soon mount up and surpass the capabilities of conventional contact sensors and non-contact sensors alike.


To demonstrate the capabilities of Dimetix laser distance sensors to measure to very high-temperature steel production processes that are beyond the capabilities of even most non-contact displacement sensors, Laser-View Technologies recently conducted a demonstration on a continuous casting line at a steel production facility in Burns Harbor, IN. A Dimetix DAN-30-150 laser distance sensor was aimed at the bumper on the casting line and was able to accurately detect changes in distance as the hot (~2,300⁰F) cast slabs passed in front of the bumper traveling down the production line toward the cooling unit.

The test not only proves the ability of the laser to function as a cost effective hot metal detector, but also demonstrates the laser’s ability to provide accurate, reliable measurements for very high temperature dimension applications. Laser View Technologies can also provide custom, rugged enclosures for Dimetix lasers to protect the sensor from intense heat and environmental conditions. A variety of cooling options are available for the enclosures, which also can be fitted with a forced air purge, or “air knife,” at the enclosure window to help reduce maintenance by keeping the window free from dust, dirt, condensation and debris.

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