aging bridgeSteve Lubeck from Laser-View Technologies recently had the opportunity to work with AECOM on a bridge deflection test over rail tracks.

Traditionally, the deflection testing would be performed using LVDT sensors mounted on tripods and scaffolding. This bridge test presents the introduction of Laser Deflection testing as a powerful tool in the evaluation of bridge deflection.

Dimetix laser distance sensors from Laser-View Technologies, coupled with their custom control interfaces and BDI data acquisition nodes made this possible. The laser sensors were mounted on a pipe staked onto the ballast with the laser aiming at a predetermined spot under the bridge deck.

Aging Bridge Deflection Monitoring with Dimetix Lasers

Deflection Monitoring of Aging Bridge

defleciton curve chart






Deflection curves charted after running load over the bridge proved valuable for validating the aging bridge’s strength and traffic worthiness. It was really exciting to see the data repeat, follow expected trends, and return to zero consistently after the load was removed.

We hope to continue promoting and developing this solution in the structural bridge testing industry!

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