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Other Accessories for Dimetix Lasers

500595 Accessories for Starter Kit D-Series
Accessories for Starter Kit D-Series
  • Part # 001026
  • The Starter Kit accessories help you to become familiar with D-Series Distance Laser Sensors. The kit includes all necessary components to operate a D-Series sensor.
  • 1 USB-cable 2m
  • 1 Power supply
45° Laser Mirror Assembly
  • Part # 001437
  • Applicable for all D-Series Lasers
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Allows for laser measurement at 90° by attaching to Dimetix Laser Alignment Bracket (Part # 500308)
  • Manufactured by Laser-View Technologies
Display Module
  • Part # 200-021
  • Serial ASCII panel display
  • Part # 000911
  • Process controller for monitoring diameter, width, and length without any external PLC programming
Laser Process Meter
  • Part # 001117
  • A prebuilt, off-the-shelf display and alarm module that interfaces with Dimetix lasers to display and control processes requiring diameter, thickness, width, or length monitoring without any additional PLC controls or integration.