Dimetix laser sensors can be networked together via Profinet, EthernetIP and EtherCAT.

The Industrial Ethernet makes up 59% of the global industrial market, as reported by HMS. Profinet is a network used for data communication between controllers and devices. EthernetIP is an industrial network protocol that uses the ethernet standards and was designed for industrial environments for automation and process control. EtherCAT uses a “processing on the fly” or “real-time” approach for messaging – which EthernetIP does not inherently provide.

Dimetix laser sensors equipped with the optional Profinet, EthernetIP, or EtherCAT module can be networked in a daisy-chain fashion, as displayed in the image above. Each laser includes a network switch that connects to the network via laser 1, port 0 and then laser 2, port 1 and so on. This eliminates the need to run separate lines between a central network switch and each laser, saving time, and money. How convenient!

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