Image Credits: Rugged Robotics

The advancements made in robotics technology over the past few years have widely benefitted many industries. But one field in particular that has benefitted the most is the construction industry.

The company at the forefront of these recent advancements is Rugged Robotics. Their new project, self-described as a “layout Roomba robot” helped build a 10-story building in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It moved through each floor (spanning approximately 40,000 square feet each) and created a set of blueprints for each space.

These robots are able to measure each floor because they are fixed with Dimetix laser distance sensors. These sensors can measure from 0.05 m (2 inches) to 500 m (1,640 feet) with up to 1 mm accuracy. Each one can use the distance output to measure a variety of characteristics:

  • Distance
  • Position
  • Size (width, diameter)
  • Level

A layout project like this is the most important task in the construction process. It marks up where everything needs to be installed, so one mistake can result in rework, delays, and added expenses. By using robots and Dimetix laser sensors to automate these tasks, companies can ultimately minimize the number of mistakes and human errors made during the process.

Advancements like these will help the construction industry build more safely, efficiently, and quickly. It will also result in a higher quality job and a better end result for each project.

To learn more about how Dimetix AG laser sensors can help you automate projects you’re working on, contact Laser-View Technologies today.

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