Hot Bar in Rolling MillLaser-View Technologies’ President, Steve Lubeck, recently teamed up with Dave Rentschler from Control Reps Inc. to perform an onsite test for a customer using Dimetix laser sensors. The lasers were set up to measure a hot bar during the rolling process (see photo on right).

The Dimetix lasers were connected to our laser process meter. The hot bar shown in the center of the photo was being formed into a rounded bar. This was done from a square via a multi-stand rolling process.

The bar itself was about 1800°F during the heating process. This wasn’t a problem for the Dimetix laser since it’s built to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

The final installation for this customer is planned to include:

  • Cooled enclosures
  • An air purge
  • Different mounting arrangements

We are pleased to note that the onsite test proved successful. This is a huge step forward in achieving the customer’s goal of improving safety. By using Dimetix lasers, the customer can keep their operators’ hands away from the hot bar and out of the assembly process as much as possible.

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