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Dimetix Laser Sensors Used For Autonomous Warehouse Picker Truck Retrofit

By October 6, 2021No Comments

picker tuck raised with laserLaser-View Technologies recently worked with a local food producer to help improve the performance of their fleet of automated warehouse picker trucks. These vehicles had been equipped with string potentiometers for height control, even with the extreme 30 ft lift. The potentiometers were subjected to various conditions, from ambient to freezer warehouse, which led to premature failure of the string potentiometers.

To solve this problem, we retrofitted one vehicle with a Dimetix DPE-10-500 laser distance sensor that communicates via EtherCat. We are currently running tests on the vehicle that focus on laser height control only. So far, the results are promising! We are looking forward to retrofitting the remainder of their fleet.

We chose to supply them with Dimetix laser sensors in particular for a few reasons. They offer:

  • A wide temperature range
  • A small laser spot
  • The ability to measure to the concrete floor
  • Interface protocol
  • Reliable accuracy
  • The availability of local stock and service

Looking for more information about Dimetix lasers sensors? Contact Laser-View Technologies to learn more.