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DIS Sensors Tilt Switches

Tilt Switches | DIS Sensors




DIS Sensors tilt switches are available with the following general specifications:

Range 1 axis: Up to ±170°
Range 2 axes: Up to ±80°
Single or dual NPN/PNP
Level of protection:
IP67, IP68 or IP69K
Switching angle, on/off delays, filtering
Robust small plastic housing with fully potted electronics

Key Features

  • ±170° Measurement Range: Our tilt switch offers an extensive measurement range, providing the flexibility needed for diverse crane applications.
  • Zero-Point Setting: With a zero-point setting, the tilt switch enables precise programming of any required angle, ensuring tailored solutions for your specific needs.
  • Digital Equivalent of a Spirit Level: Our tilt switch embodies the digital equivalent of a spirit level, offering unparalleled accuracy in angle monitoring.
  • Custom Configuration: Beyond the switching angle, users can configure delay times and filter options either ex-factory or on-site, providing a customizable solution tailored to your operational requirements.
  • Functional Safety: Elevate safety with optional SIL1/PLc tilt switches, meeting the highest functional safety standards for peace of mind in critical applications.
  • Redundancy for Greater Safety: For applications demanding an extra layer of safety, our tilt switches support redundant configurations, enhancing reliability and reducing the risk of failure.

Find the tilt switch you are looking for with the DIS Sensors Product Selector.