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How DIS Sensors Dynamic Inclinometers Enhance Threshing Machines Performance and Safety

By July 12, 2023No Comments

Threshing machines are essential for harvesting crops such as wheat, barley, oats, and rye. They separate the grain from the straw and chaff, and deliver it to a storage bin or a trailer.

However, threshing machines can face challenges when operating on uneven terrain, such as hills, slopes, or bumps. If the machine is not level, it can affect the accuracy of the threshing process, the quality of the grain, and the safety of the operators and workers.

That’s why some manufacturers, such as AGCO in Vicenza, have chosen to equip their machines with DIS Sensors Dynamic Inclinometers with J1939 interface. They’re designed to measure the gradient of the terrain on which the machines operate with high precision and reliability.

By using these inclinometers, companies can monitor slope and level of each machine in real time, and make any necessary adjustments. Additionally they can improve safety conditions of the operators using these machines. They can alert the driver if the machine is approaching a critical tilt angle that could cause instability or tipping over. By using these sensors, AGCO has improved their threshing efficiency and quality, as well as their safety standards.

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