Recently, a customer involved with making autonomously operated excavators tested DIS Dynamic Inclination Sensors to determine the pitch and roll of the operator’s cab. After the initial testing, they provided the following feedback:

“We did more testing on all the makes of sensors we have here at hand and found an issue with most of them with the readings jumping several degrees when transitioning from dynamic to static measurement. The only sensors that didn’t do that are the ones we got from you.”

We were pleased to receive this commentary from our client. DIS Dynamic Inclination Sensors are specially designed to be used in machinery that has multiple axes of movement. As such, the sensors are perfect for heavy mobile equipment.

Each inclinometer is supplied in 1 and 2 axis models with CAN Open interfaces. There are several environmental operating configurations that can be selected to optimize the way motion detection is handled for an application. In instances where a customer may require stainless steel housings, the QG65 and QG76 models are available as well.

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