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DIS Sensors’ Tilt Switches Improve Stacked Parking Safety and Reliability

By November 23, 2022No Comments
Stacked parking system

Stacked parking system from DIS Sensors

As the general population continues to grow, urban density is also increasing. Developers have responded by implementing new technology solutions that help to optimize the use of limited city space. For example, many new homes and apartment complexes are beginning to use a stacked parking system.

Systems like these rely heavily on reliability: they need to be able to move smoothly and exactly in small spaces in order to avoid damaging nearby cars. It is vital to detect mechanical jams or uneven loads immediately in order to prevent damage to nearby vehicles and personnel.

One way to do this is by using tilt switches from DIS Sensors. They can detect slope or inclination and can trigger outputs once a platform tilts at limits outside a safe operating zone.

Diagram of stacked parking system from DIS Sensors

Diagram of stacked parking system from DIS Sensors

The QG40N tilt switch in particular acts as a dual axis inclinometer with two configurable digital angle setpoints. Each sensor is based on MEMS accelerometers and comes with a programmer that allows operators to configure the angle set points, delay times, and filtering.

It’s important to note that the QG40N series tilt switch has a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 1 certification. This makes it ideal for this type of application. By investing in the use of tilt switches from DIS Sensors, stacked parking system owners can rest assured that they’re ultimately investing in their overall safety and reliability.

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