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Measurement of Pipe

Dimetix lasers can be used to accurately and quickly measure the length of pipe in process in mills. Pipe can be measured over top or through the pipe.

Dimetix lasers are useful also for measuring outer and inner pipe diameter when applied properly.

Pile Driving Machinery

Title: Dimetix Laser Sensors Monitor Pile Driving Machinery

Description: Laser-View Technologies provides makers of pile driving equipment with Dimetix laser distance sensors to monitor the depth of each pile. Monitoring the depth of piles for solar farms is a crucial step in the proper set up of solar farms with many rows of panels.

Hydro/Structural Monitoring Overview

Hydropower applications are all unique, and we have equipped various types of flood gate position using Dimetix laser sensors.

The ability to reliably and accurately monitor flood gate height at often remote and difficult to access locations remains an ongoing challenge for hydropower and reservoir flood gate operators.

Dimetix laser distance sensors can be used to remotely monitor flood gate position, minimizing the need for visual verification in remote locations. Dimetix lasers offer several methods of communicating to control systems commonly used in dam and hydropower applications.

Power Plants

Dimetix laser distance sensors, manufactured by Dimetix AG, have been used in power plants to monitor the position of coal cars and levels of fluid in pump houses.

Nuclear Power Plants

Title: Laser-View Technologies Supplies Dimetix Laser Sensor For Nuclear Power Plant Project

Description: Dimetix laser sensors are ideal for nuclear power plant level monitoring applications. Stainless steel enclosures from Laser-View Technologies help keep the lasers protected due to their unique features. Read more about this project.