Part Number:  000910—Explosion-proof Enclosure Mounting Assembly
  • Application:  Isolate ignition sources in an explosive environment
  • Length: 292.92 mm (11.61 inches)
  • Width: 177.80 mm (7.00 inches)
  • Height: 151.35 mm (5.96 inches)
  • Weight: 5.78 kg (12.74 lbs)

Aerospace, chemical, energy, materials storage, mining, and the pharmaceutical industries all contend with environments containing flammable liquids and gases, and constantly strive to provide better protection from potential ignition sources. Special consideration must be given to design and construction of electronics and electrical controls in explosive environments to isolate these potential ignition sources. Enter the new explosion-proof windowed enclosure mounting assembly (Laser-View Technologies P/N 000910), designed by our in-house engineering staff to isolate ignition sources and provide a ready-made solution designed for durability, stability and compatibility with Dimetix laser distance sensors and other Laser-View Technologies products and accessories:

  • Prewired/preassembled with Dimetix D or C series laser of choice (purchased separately)
  • Safe for outdoor/washdown applications
  • Dual-sided instrument enclosure keeps power supply and laser in separate chambers
  • Cast aluminum enclosure with attractive sandblast finish
  • Rugged mounting bracket assembly designed for stability/compatibility
  • Integrated communications and power module/board included—optional heater
  • Compatible with optional Laser-View mounting bracket (P/N 000812)

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