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Inclination Sensors Suitable for Explosion-Rated Environments

By June 16, 2020No Comments

Laser-View Technologies’ DIS Sensors are capable of safely operating in explosion prone environments. DIS offers their QG76 series inclinometer in an ATEX rated package. The rating is equivalent to NEC Class 1 Div2 for locations with exposure to vapor and gas.

Explosion-proof inclinometers may be needed for hazardous applications involving explosive gas or dust. For example, DIS inclinometers have been successfully used in rail car bulk material loading/unloading applications, in which combustible hazards are present.

DIS inclination sensors are suitable for use in various hazardous or potentially explosive environments. The sensors are packaged in a robust stainless steel housing with full potting to make a sealed package.

We’ve recently been asked to provide inclination sensors suitable for use in a NEC Class II combustible dust environment. Laser-View Technologies has responded with a QG40N inclinometer specially mounted in a Class I and Class II rated enclosure. The product will have robust simple mounting and easily accessible wire connections inside. Look for a new product release soon!

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