The first order of 80 explosion proof laser enclosures were recently tested for our sales partners at BTSensors in Italy. BTSensors is the Dimetix authorized distributor in Italy, whereas Laser-View Technologies is the authorized distributor in USA.

Laser-View Technologies provides value-added series and products to enhance the laser sensor’s functionality in industrial applications. This specialty line of enclosures, designed for Dimetix laser distance sensors, are for protection against hazardous environments. For this sale, we worked together, providing BTSensors with the explosion-proof laser housings for their OEM customer.

Past environments and applications of our lasers in explosion-proof containers include:

  • Waste water treatment plant: biodigester foam level detector
  • Power plant: position coal tripper car
  • Drilling rigs
  • Bulk rail loading/unloading: tipping and level of rail cars in bulk material handling
  • Crane positioning in polymer film production where explosive chemical vapors may exist

Thank you, BTSensors for the great order! It’s great to collaborate with Dimetix’s distribution network globally.

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