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Crane Sentry® Hoist Monitoring

Crane Sentry® Hoist Monitoring

The Crane Sentry® Hoist Monitoring System offers continuous hoist monitoring and real-time alerts, minimizes downtime and optimizes personnel and equipment safety conditions in one advanced package.

Keeping Your Crane Operations Safe


Side Pull Detection

Standard omnidirectional side pull detection and alarm relay outputs.


Snag Detection

Snag detection while running the hook up at transport height.


Hoist Centering

Add certainty that the hoist is centered over load with user assist hoist positioning.


Slack Rope Detection

Detect a zero load on a hoist and disable side pull detection.

Why Use Crane Sentry® Hoist Monitoring?

As the first in our path of next generation of advanced safety systems, our Advanced Wire Rope Hoist Monitor offers a comprehensive solution for your crane operation needs. It offers the safety, reliability, and high performance of our crane sentry side pull monitoring while providing continuous performance updates and more in a single package. Advanced Wire Rope Hoist Monitor includes advanced features to keep crane operations safe:

  • Excessive side pull detection and alerts enhance personnel safety and prevent hoist and equipment damage
  • Real-time update as your equipment is being used so you can stay up to date on their performance
  • Avoid downtime with reliable operations and ensure every part of your crane and hoist is running smoothly
  • Take control of your equipment from anywhere with remote access via iOS or Android for configuration
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