How Dimetix Laser Rock Surveillance Could Help Alert Local Community of Catastrophic Landslide in Norway Imagine living below a mountain that contains eleven million cubic meters of rock. That is the reality for the residents living below this Jettan, a volatile, mountainous area, in Norway. If the mountain should move in any capacity, this type of landslide could trigger a deadly tsunami resulting in a catastrophic loss for the nearby community.

In order to alert the residents of an imminent landslide, there are three Dimetix Laser Sensors set up on the mountain that measure the distance to a reflector plate that stands out on the moving rock. It monitors this every day so the local inhabitants can be warned before a tsunami hits.

Moving at 5 centimeters a year, the Jettan is inevitably going to detach from the mountain. But thanks to the Dimetix Laser Sensors monitoring this movement, the local community can be warned and evacuated to safety before the resulting tsunami hits.

The Dimetix laser sensors are ideal for this application because they offer:

  • Easy installation thanks to visible laser beam
  • Easy configuration thanks to the free software
  • Operation in the largest temperature range (-40°C to +60°C) possible
  • Measuring ranges up to 100 m on natural surfaces
  • Measuring ranges up to 500 m on reflective foil
  • Accuracy ± 1mm
  • Repeatability ± 0.3 mm
  • Measurements can be acquired by a PLC or PC
  • Maintenance-free operation

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