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How Do You Clean the Optics on a Dimetix Laser?

By January 27, 2023No Comments

Dimetix laser distance sensors are almost maintenance-free. However, inspections should be done on a regular basis and any issues should be addressed accordingly.

The following maintenance checklist should be processed cyclically for all Dimetix laser sensors:

  1. Check sensor optics for contamination – Clean the laser exit glass and receiver lens carefully if necessary. See the video below for more details.
  2. Check valve diaphragm – The valve diaphragm must be free of contaminants (i.e. no water, dirt, or other substances on the valve diaphragm).
  3. Check general sensor status – The sensor should not be damaged. It should be assembled correctly and it should always be clean.

Highly contaminated sensor optics can adversely affect measurement performance (like accuracy and speed). Additionally, it can lead to measurement errors. That’s why it’s essential to perform routine maintenance checks on each Dimetix laser sensor.


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