Having issues with side pull? The Crane Sentry Hoist Side Pull from Laser-View Technologies is designed to detect side pulling in industrial applications.

Side pulling occurs when a load is not lifted directly (vertical) under the hoist. Instead, it is permitted to side load a hoist. As a result, side pulling can cause damage to hoists, injure personnel and damage nearby equipment.

Despite the fact that side pulling a hoist is not permitted by OSHA regulations under most conditions, many hoists installed do not have any form of side pull protection.

Hoist Side Pull Detection is capable of detecting excessive side pull on a wire rope hoist and can be set to alert the operator of the condition or disable functions. Overall, it improves the safety and lifetime of cranes and hoists.

Crane Sentry Hoist Side pull can be provided in three different models:

  • Single Axis
  • Dual Axis
  • Omni-directional axis

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