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Hurricane Ida Tests Ruggedness of Laser-View Technologies’ Aluminum Windowed Enclosures

By September 10, 2021September 30th, 2021No Comments

Laser-View Technologies builds rugged industrial windowed aluminum enclosures that are specially designed to fit Dimetix laser distance sensors. The goal of these safety enclosures is to provide protection for Dimetix lasers in industrial use, including harsh conditions and extreme environments.

These enclosures serve well on mining equipment, steel caster lines (to measure length), paper mills (to measure roll width), bridges (for structural monitoring), and anywhere else where you need the sensors to last under harsh conditions. One of the primary benefits of windowed enclosures includes reducing or eliminating costly downtime.

As Hurricane Ida recently passed through Chester County, PA, it proved to be the worst storm our area has been hit within the last 150 years. It ended up being an excellent opportunity to test how well Laser-View Technologies’ Aluminum Windowed Enclosures held up under severe conditions.

After being hit by rain and then completely submerged in storm water runoff, the Laser-View Technologies’ HQ basement was flooded with about 12 inches of rain. Storm water rose to over 2 feet on the backside of the building, but impressively the aluminum enclosures remained bone dry on the inside. As a result, we are reminded of just how secure these enclosures are.

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