Crane-to-crane collision detection, aka anti-collision, is an important but often overlooked safety feature. Selection of the right, reliable collision detection system is critical for keeping a facility safe.

What makes Crane Sentry® Lite the better collision detection solution for basic applications?

Crane Sentry® Lite has the following key advantages over the competition in this class of device:

  • No reflector required for operation, thus no reflector to clean.
  • This heart of our system is a robust measuring device, not a proximity sensor. Therefore, you read a live value and enter actual set points for slow/stop.
  • Live error handling algorithm, not like other competitive systems that can be fooled with a rag over the sensor.
  • Controls are housed in its own enclosure, shipped ready to mount.
  • Ability to back away from a near crane or wall in high speed with optional relays.

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