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Crane SentryNo-fly Zone

Improving Crane Safety and Efficiency with Smart, Non-contact Measurement Solutions

By March 8, 2023No Comments

The crane industry has come a long way since the early days of construction. The use of technology has played a significant role in the industry’s progress, making it less dangerous to work with overhead cranes. In particular, smart, non-contact measurement solutions have greatly contributed to the industry’s progress by making it safer, more efficient, and more productive to work with overhead lifts.

One company leading the way in these advancements is Laser-View Technologies. They offer smart non-contact measurement solutions that can help operators avoid overhead crane collisions or issues with a load being lifted.

They use sensors, such as Dimetix non-contact laser distance sensors, to monitor:

  1. A crane’s location
  2. Where the hoist trolley is
  3. Where the hoist is on the crane itself

One laser looks at the trolley and hoist position while another monitors the overhead crane’s bridge position. This allows the operator to be aware of where everything is and, in turn, avoid collisions, accidents, and potential damage to equipment or nearby loads.

Additionally, Laser-View Technologies supplies a no-fly zone system. The Crane Sentry® Zone Manager allows companies to implement no-fly zones and restrict access in areas where distractions may cause harm. Distractions are increasingly prevalent in the workplace and as a result, creating zones like this has become a popular safety measure.

The Crane Sentry® Lite is on the left and the Crane Sentry® Zone Manager II is on the rightThe image on the right shows a typical overhead crane collision monitoring setup. The Crane Sentry® Lite is on the left and the Crane Sentry® Zone Manager II is on the right. In installing both systems, companies can rest assured that they’re contributing to making it safer to work with their overhead cranes.

Interested in learning more? Check out How Do Collision Avoidance Systems Make Overhead Lifts Safer from Mazzella Companies or contact Laser-View Technologies for additional information.