crane located in modular in plant officeLaser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Zone Manager provides an off-the-shelf system for keeping EOT cranes from interfering with structures under a crane runway. Crane Sentry® provides highly configurable systems that can prevent accidental damage to in plant modular offices by creating No-Fly Zones around each area.

Cranes are often used to transport tooling and materials near buildings under a crane runway in a facility. For example, it is common to have coil storage near a shipping office in a processing facility. An in plant modular office should be kept safe from a loaded crane.

Accidental interference can lead to several problems:

  • Injury to personnel
  • Damage to structure
  • Damage to tooling or materials being transported
  • Downtime to evaluate the incident

Commonly referred to as No-Fly Zoning, competitors provide systems that use encoded wheel position, limit switches, or non-contact sensors. Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Zone Manager provides systems that use long range laser distance sensors in 2 axes capable of measuring up to 500m.

This technology provides an absolute position that does not require mechanical positioning of limit switches or re-zeroing of encoders.

Zone Manager is based on real measurements, not just proximity. For shorter crane runways, we can even measure on a natural surface without installing a special reflector.

With the Crane Sentry® Zone Manager, a virtual box is made around the restricted zone using (2) laser sensor axes. Zone Manager is a packaged solution that is easy to install and intuitive to configure.

As displayed in the image, Zone Manager creates a coordinate-based virtual box around multiple restricted regions and can be configured to monitor several user selectable conditions. One laser monitors bridge position, the other laser monitors trolley position. 8 relay outputs interference with bridge and trolley direction. Optional expansion outputs interface with machinery below in the crane bay.

Key features:

  • Up to 8 zones
  • 2 axes measurement: bridge and trolley
  • Simple and intuitive color touch screen controls show set point and live readings
  • Program set points with simple TEACH button or key in values
  • Automatic slow and stop zones, with independent parameters for each zone
  • Override functionality
  • Remote I/O available as an option to interface with machine work centers
  • Visible red eye safe laser spot
  • Measures up to 500m with a reflective target plate; 100m to a natural target

Crane Sentry® Zone Manager has the following key advantages over the competition:

  • Up to 8 zones in (1) 2 axes system
  • Up to 500m of measurement range
  • No reflector required for shorter runways
  • Visible red eye safe laser spot
  • This heart of our system is a robust measuring device and is not treated as a proximity sensor. You read a live value and teach/enter actual set points to determine zone perimeter.
  • Live error handling algorithm
  • Controls are housed in its own enclosure, ready to mount
  • Built-in override function

The Crane Sentry® product line is designed, manufactured, marketed, and sold in the USA by Laser-View Technologies for crane collision detection, zone control, and positioning applications.

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