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Introducing Explosion Proof Enclosure for DIS Sensors

By March 8, 2023No Comments

Explosion Proof Enclosure for DIS SensorsLaser-View Technologies is pleased to introduce the new Explosion Proof Enclosure for DIS Sensors (Part #001101). Each enclosure is designed to hold any DIS Sensor QG40N body style.

With its cast aluminum construction and 316 stainless steel base, each enclosure can protect the sensor from hazardous environments including those with open fire and potential explosions. Additionally, it comes preassembled with the DIS Sensor QG40N Sensor of your choice (purchased separately) and an internal mounting bracket.

A few key features include:

  • Classified ATEX, CSA, UL, NE Cl1Div1 and Cl1Div2 rated enclosure for hazardous areas (note that ratings apply to the enclosure, not the assembly).
  • Manufactured by Laser-View Technologies
  • Safe for outdoor/wash down applications
  • Complete with an attractive sandblast finish

Typical application includes isolated ignition sources in explosive environments. With these enclosures, you can rest assured that your DIS Sensor QG40N Sensor remains safe and secure.

Interested in learning more? Contact Laser-View Technologies today for additional information.