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Excellence in ASRS Shuttles Starts with Top Quality Laser Sensors

By March 20, 2020March 23rd, 2020No Comments

At MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, several companies displayed their automated distribution and warehousing systems consisting of ASRS shuttles and cranes. Laser-View Technologies’ Dimetix D-Series laser distance sensors are excellent for ASRS shuttles because of performance features unique to Dimetix Lasers.

Dimetix D-Series performance features include:

  • Small spot size, even at 100m
  • 100m natural target ability
  • SSI and Industrial Ethernet capability, including Ethercat, Profinet, Ethernet IP
  • 1 mm accuracy at 2 sigma standard deviation
  • Wide operating temperature, such as measuring capabilities in flash freezers

Join the others who have experienced the accuracy and robustness that can be gained by using Dimetix Laser Sensors in your shuttle designs. Engage Laser-View Technologies staff in your shuttle design phase or switch to Dimetix Lasers as we have years of experience with ASRS.

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