Join Laser-View Technologies at the 28th Annual Crane Symposium from June 20th – 22nd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In this two-day program, we will hear from professionals who strive to make overhead traveling (EOT) cranes and their runways the safest, most reliable, durable machinery and equipment in the industry. It will be an excellent opportunity to gain insight from our fellow colleagues and share ideas to improve safety.

Laser-View Technologies’ President, Steven Lubeck, and Channel Manager, Jeanine Lubeck, will present at the symposium. Steve will present on the many dangers of side pulling commonly found in stamping facilities worldwide in a presentation titled, “Safety Control Retrofit to Overhead Cranes Using Advanced Sensors and Controls; Metal Stamping Operations.”

Steve will discuss how to improve a facility’s safety and efficiency, such as, Crane Sentry® Hoist Side Pull to existing overhead cranes.

Interested in learning more about the symposium? View the full schedule of events on the AISTech website or contact Laser-View Technologies to learn more.